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Read to Lead, Read to Grow

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To assure that all students have access to reading material

Latino Lubbock Magazine and Los Hermanos Familia with MyOn are offering a

Free Digital Library

to help students sustain and even improve their reading skills using daily technology like tablets, PCs, cellphones, etc. MyON has generously partnered with Latino Lubbock Magazine and Los Hermanos Familia to offer this free online digital library!

Online digital books are available in English and Spanish can be accessed for FREE.
The literacy program is called 
"Read to Lead, Read to Grow" and is coordinated for students to have access to digital reading.

Below are simple steps students/parents need to follow to register to access and personalize your FREE DIGITAL LIBRARY

Let's get started! Follow each step by typing in the information in blue as listed:

Let's get started! Follow these steps by typing in the information in blue as listed:
Step 1: Input Steps 2- 5 below and then click on login page
Step 2: Enter School Name: Demo Region 12
Step 3: Enter Username (Case sensitive - lowercase):read22
Step 4: Enter Password (Case sensitive - lowercase): myon
Step 5: Browse and enjoy thousands of digital books year round and "read to grow!"

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