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About Us

Latino Lubbock Magazine is a locally owned and operated business. Founded by Christy Martinez-Garcia, the publisher.


With over 100,000 readers per month, Latino Lubbock Magazine provides Lubbock news from a Latino perspective and offers information of interest to the Hispanic community on health and wellness, community, politics, art and culture, business, youth issues, education, faith and religion, employment, a kid's activities page, and much, much more.

We centralize news and information that is useful to a wide range of ages, and that is culturally competent. Moreover, our broad range of topics allows everyone in the family to benefit from our publication.


Latino Lubbock Magazine is a monthly publication that introduces issues important to the general population with a Latino nuance and clarity – including issues of voting, financial stability, and many other issues of growing interest to the Latino community.


Our photography reflects our readership, and their interests and events. More so, we are bilingual with about a 60 (English)/40 (Spanish) language ratio.

Latino Lubbock Magazine is a free publication and is proudly located at almost 300 high-traffic locations in Lubbock, as well as in 23 surrounding communities in West Texas, with rural populations ranging from 50 to 85% Hispanic. Further, Latino Lubbock Magazine takes pride in its commitment to serving as a bridge connecting organizations and resources to the community. We also showcase stories about agencies and programs beneficial to our readers.

Our Mission

"Provide Lubbock news from a Latino perspective for the emerging voice of Lubbock with objectivity, professionalism, cultural understanding, and accuracy; give Latinos a publication by, about, and for them that they can take pride in; and, the community a tool for better understanding and for dialogue."

Word from the Publisher

Latino Lubbock Magazine has given a local voice to the vibrant and fast-growing Lubbock Hispanic community. Latino Lubbock Magazine informs and represents diverse circles and targets the booming Hispanic market in Lubbock through integrated channels of print, online, e-news, and events.​

Since our inception in 2007, we’ve remained completely focused on celebrating Lubbock’s Latino culture by honoring the past and showcasing how Hispanics enrich Lubbock’s quality of life.


Latino Lubbock Magazine is a Hispanic-owned and operated publication focus­ing on news, trends, and information relevant to Lubbock Latinos, which are unique to Lati­nos in other regions. Regularly, Latino Lubbock includes pages such as Opinion, Business, Health, Education, Community, Arts & Culture, Calendar, State & Local News, a monthly featured story, faith and religion and so much more - all with a Latino flare and understanding!


Published consistently since January 2007, Latino Lubbock Magazine is the first Hispanic magazine in Lubbock, Texas. Our monthly readership is about 100,000. Latino Lubbock magazine has over 300 distribution points in Lubbock, as well as in many of the surrounding communities. 


​Latino Lubbock Magazine has become a tool for the community that not only appeals to the Latino community but those interested in Lubbock news with a Latino perspective.

As such, please consider Latino Lubbock Magazine as part of your advertising and market­ing efforts, and as the experts that will help you connect with the emerging voice of Lub­bock… Latino Lubbock.


Christy Martinez-Garcia, Publisher/Owner

2019 NAHP National Latina Publisher of the Year

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